Protein and Why it is Important for a Healthy Lifestyle

Why is protein so important?

If you regularly engage in moderate to vigorous exercise i.e. weightlifting, swimming, running etc, then it is essential to consume more protein to support this active lifestyle.

During a workout you essentially break and tear down muscle fibres. In order for its repair, maintenance, and growth it is necessary to supply them with building blocks called amino acids found in protein sources. Alongside this, they support a host of other important bodily functions!

Simply put, you need to supplement such a lifestyle with sufficient protein in order for those muscles to grow bigger and stronger post workout.

Calculating your protein needs: 

For the average person who lives a fairly sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended to consume 0.8 gram of protein per pound of body-weight in order to preserve lean muscle mass.

Multiply your weight in pounds x 0.8 to determine how much you should consume to maintain muscle mass.

…do you even lift bro?


Then your protein needs are significantly different but can still be managed. For the active person: simply aim for 1.2-1.8 grams instead.

dystinct lifestyle whey proteinCheck out the Dystinct Lifestyle whey blend; a great tasting and nutritious shake in four amazing flavours formulated from only the best quality ingredients.

You should always try to meet your protein intake from whole foods but I’ll be first to admit that it isn’t always so simple.

This is where whey protein supplements can really be of use:


One single serving of high quality whey powder (*coughs* DYSTINCT) can easily provide you with 20-24 grams of protein pre, intra or post workout and can be carried anywhere with ease.

Cost Effective

This is probably the deciding factor for many readers. As it turns out, it is a lot cheaper to invest in supplements than to purchase pricier sources of protein such as lean meats and fish. Additionally they have a much longer shelf life.

Decreases Hunger

Research has found whey supplements can also be used to diminish hunger (useful to control your appetite when cutting), helping you avoid over eating and gaining unnecessary body fat. Recent studies found that consuming 40-50g of protein (easily consumed in two servings) 30 minutes before a meal were found to have a suppressed appetite. Scientifically speaking, this occurs due to a reduction of Ghrelin (“hunger hormone”) the hormone responsible for your appetite.

Muscle maintenance during cutting phases (keeping those hard earned gains)

With summer just around the corner, many of our bulking phases are drawing to a close. Meaning the majority are looking to drop some body fat, reveal those hard earned gains and get beach ready. This of course means you’ll have to eat at a caloric deficit. So that your body can compensate for the lack of energy, it will target your stored fat. However your muscle will inevitably be targeted, at least to an extent. But not to worry, in order to minimise muscle loss at this stage, monitor your protein intake to ensure your body is receiving enough.

But hey, sometimes drinking protein shakes can become monotonous right?   

Try one of the many ways you can incorporate whey protein into your diet to keep things interesting.

Why not throw in a scoop of your favourite flavoured Dystinct with a bunch of your preferred fruits and make a great tasting smoothie filled with anti-oxidants! Or satisfy your sweet tooth witha batch of protein pancakes, cookies, brownies, crepes, pudding, oatmeal, (*pauses for breath*), milkshakes, hot chocolate, muffins, ice cream, truffles…

whey protein smoothie


Have fun with it and do it your whey! 😉

To wrap things up…

Protein is an essential part of everyone’s diet, especially if you live an active lifestyle. So ensuring your body receives enough becomes much easier with the use of quality whey supplements.

All in all...

Remember to exercise regularly and intensely enough so that your body can utilise supplements more effectively.

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