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How to workout whilst fasting in Ramadan

  Ramadan 2018 is right around the corner and the most common thought people have goes a little something like this… “Won’t I lose all of my gains if I can’t lift or eat for the entire day?!?!?!”  Sound familiar? Relax… Those hard earned gains won’t just disappear! Studies show you can go up to…

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How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

What is testosterone? Testosterone is the male sex hormone primarily produced in the Leydig cells of an individual’s testicles. Females also produce a very small amount in their ovaries. Why it’s important eh? Simply put, it regulates the critical functions in the body: Increases protein synthesis (More Gainz) Sex drive 😉 Fat burning Overall heart…

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13 reasons why you should start lifting

13 Reasons Why… you should hit the gym!

  Push pause on your Walkman, because here are 13 reasons why you should hit the gym! #1 Personal development – if you’re reading this article, you’re one of the reasons why… Taking the time to work on your physique will lead to a huge increase in self-confidence. As you begin look better you’ll start to…

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Michael Kors shoes

Winter/fall shoe collections are usually related to school days and rainy cold conditions. Even though many would prefer cheap shoes for summer (due to the lack of protection needed), many look for high quality shoes that can resist weather conditions. michael kors found a solution to stun us by his designs.

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Timeless designs

Fashion is not defined by designers, but people… They are the ones who choose what to wear and them loving a design more than others make that design trendy as well as popular. With people looking for more simple looks it is obvious that design became less complex, the reason maybe the fact that simple looks stayed fashionable and elegant over time.

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DIY hanger

Weather for cozy homes or modern ateliers, this hanger is the perfect solution for organizing clothes or accessories. Total cost would be around 10 dollars even less if you have secondhand non wanted ladders around. You may also improve this tutorial by coloring or frosting the main construction of hanger.

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Hellen Keller

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Field photography

Photography is the art who fashion industry relies on a lot. The fact that no cloth would be seen without proper presentation by the photographer is undeniable. Some photographers choose to select natural landscapes as photo shooting field while other prefer studio shooting or custom made seans.

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Life as a model

Being a model is not always about traveling around the globe or get paid because you’ve walked on a fashion show and posed for cameras, there is a lot more to it. The complex schedules of model usually force them to hire experts to organize their work load, exercise even their diet.

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