13 Reasons Why… you should hit the gym!

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Push pause on your Walkman, because here are 13 reasons why you should hit the gym!

#1 Personal development – if you’re reading this article, you’re one of the reasons why…

Taking the time to work on your physique will lead to a huge increase in self-confidence. As you begin look better you’ll start to feel better. Stick that chest out, stand tall because you my friend are a beast.

#2 Take advantage of puberty!

This one’s relevant for the youngsters reading. Your body is going through all sorts of chemical and biological changes including a huge boost in testosterone (check out why testosterone is so important for muscle growth). So take advantage of it!

#3 Lean Physique

A good weightlifting routine will help you pack on a bunch of muscle! In fact, newbie lifters are able to put on muscle at a much faster rate and can even drop fat and gain muscle simultaneously, gains galore! 

Taking us to our next point…

#4 Lifting Weights for fat loss

Most people associate workouts to do with weights to building muscle and assume to lose fat its necessary to engage in long daunting sessions on the treadmill. Studies have shown your metabolism can elevate for up to 36 hour post workout.


#5 Strengthening that muscle between the ears

Developing a solid mind/ muscle connection is an acquired skill but a vital skill nonetheless when working out. Setting new PR’s, breaking through plateaus, staying focused and remembering why you started!

#6 Athletic performance

Getting stronger on compound lifts. Taking squats as an example (build that Hannah Baker bum). If you really focus on explosiveness during the concentric portion of the movement, it translates really well into athletic performance i.e. jumping on the basketball court.

#7 Lower health risks

Weight training and good nutrition go hand in hand. As you’re pumping blood sweat and tears into every work out, you’re going to want to supplement that with better dietary choices. (Did someone say supplements? Have I told you about Dystinct’s premium range of whey supplement available soon at www.dystinctlifestyle.com/shop – shameless plug I know ?

#8 Goal orientated!

Life is all about setting goals and achieving them! The gym is ideal setting to practice this habit as you will always be looking to improve on yourself. That level of focus and dedication resonates to other aspects of your life whether it be in achieving your career aspirations or in your personal relationships.

#9 Quitting bad habits

As you become more comfortable in to gym begin to enjoy the process it will become more of a lifestyle (though your life should not revolve around it) as oppose to feeling like work. Regularly exercising teaches you discipline as you want maximise your performance for which some sacrifices will have to be made for the sake of the bigger picture goals. Take a look at some of the reasons protein is beneficial for your lifestyle.

#10 Stress reliever

Probably my favourite reason! The gym is the ideal escape from the l stresses, worries and concerns of the outside. You’re provided with a setting where you can simply let go, and set your focus and attention into self-betterment.

#11 Sleep well

Sleeping pattern a mess? Too much Netflix and chilling?

Regular exercising, particularly resistance training has been found to be closely associated with a good night’s sleep. And sleep is crucial for muscle recovery so you can get back in the gym ASAP.

#12 Progress

Nothing is quite as a gratifying as setting a goal and completely smashing it. Strength gains will happen fast especially when you first start and that weight you thought you’d never be able to lift will soon become a warm up set. (You can take my word on that)

#13 New friends

It’s perfectly normal to feel intimidated when you’re joining the gym for the first time but I can assure you that it is an environment FILLED with like-minded, individuals all after a similar goal. Open up. Be confident. Don’t be afraid of criticism because that’ll help you learn most. If you’re still worried, we all have at least one dedicated friend who goes to the gym regularly (right?) go with him/her! Let them teach you the ropes and help you find your way until you’re confident enough to have a crack at it yourself!

Ultimately it YOU vs. YOU. Make that your focus and rejoice in where it takes you…

Never convince yourself it’s too late to start.

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